Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus

Three sweet boys who kept me on my toes the entire session.
A mom and dad, who are easy to describe. Genuine. Connected. Funny!
A gorgeous display of colourful fallen leaves.
I enjoyed my time on this brisk autumn evening.
Thank you for sharing it with me.




Laughing uncontrollably during the telephone game.
Finding forest treasure, beams of light, as the sun began to set.
Tromping through the garden with red noses — uprooting fresh carrots.
I was captivated by the kids playing with their pet ducks.

A charmingly spontaneous session, and yeah, it was pretty crazy awesome.

Raise Your Glass

Here’s to family
May it be reckoned
Long as a lifetime
Close as a second

There was a simple theme here: family.
The ties that, no matter how far apart, will forever hold them together.
And they raised a glass, err, cup to just that.
I think we should all go gather our families and follow suit.

Apples of My Eye

Taking over the garden

Sunlight streaming in and around the garden, there was magic in the air.
With good mix of both posed and candid shots, smiles were warm and natural.
May your week be as happy and delightful as this session : )