Taking over the garden

Sunlight streaming in and around the garden, there was magic in the air.
With good mix of both posed and candid shots, smiles were warm and natural.
May your week be as happy and delightful as this session : )

Sibling Stare Down

This is my third consecutive year shooting this family.
As the kids get older, the family dynamics change, in a good way.
They listened to direction better than in previous years.
And that definitely helps, when it comes to photography.
But they still squeeze in a little silly (insta giant smile on my face) …
Leave a comment below, silly or not, and send them some love!


I think of myself as a creative type.
I have ideas running through my mind, day and night, of projects I want to try.
Or a photos I’d like to capture.
But it’s even more exciting when a family I work with gets involved in the creative process.
And this mom had plenty of ideas to share, which made the shoot so much better than I would’ve dreamt up.

Take a look, and try not to clench your teeth from the cuteness below (I had a hard time with that)!

Go Fish!

I’ve kept a deck of cards in my car for—ever.
You know, for emergencies.
Or camping? Truthfully, I have no idea why.
I’m certain the pack has only ever been opened once.
Well, twice now.
This is the second time I met this family.
And apparently The Boy loves to play a game of cards.
So I thought I’d take full advantage of a good, albeit, competitive game of Go Fish.
These three do awesome so very well.


Calm before the storm

The skies became darker by the minute during this session.
But with these crazy gorgeous eyes, and curls,
we managed to get more than a couple dozen beautiful shots.
I especially love the less smiley, more ‘real’ shots.
And the second I was back in my car, it started to pour.
Lucky lucky.