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Real Princesses Don’t Kiss Toads

Anyone who knew me as a child would attest to the fact that I was obsessed with horses.
I memorized word for word every children’s horse book in the library.
My favourite toy was a plastic horse that I galloped around the house.
My first ‘real’ drawing were of horses.
And I did not like Lila Fowler one bit. Because really, Thunder should’ve been Liz Wakefield’s all along.
Did I lose anyone there? Anyone know what I’m talking about?!!

Well, enough of that.
This beautiful mama of two, always dreamt of owning a horse, as I did.
The difference is that I grew up and kinda forgot about that dream.
She, who I have tremendous respect for, decided to chase the dream instead!
So now she shares that dream with her gorgeous little girl.
Isn’t this American Arabian just incredible?

The first week of Spring, snow still chilling the ground, sunset at the barn.



No matter how long the winter

Love You More

When I count my blessings,
I count them twice …

Hello snow!

I really am a winter person, though I’ve almost had enough of the white stuff this year.
And then a magical moment comes along, and I am reminded how beautiful this cold can be.
Winter is the rare time of the year when life slows down a little and gives us some time quiet and cosy.

2013 in Review

Was the first word that popped in my mind when thinking about this past year.
It’s been a wonderful past year, and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has lined up!
Wishing you health in 2014, and may it overflow with happy memories in the making!