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We played real-life Crossy Road, braved the extreme temps and were lifted up and away with giant red balloons.
And celebrated family.


Where life begins and love never ends.



This time of year is always the craziest for me.
Editing, scheduling, emailing, late nights, early mornings…
I can’t put into words how much gratitude I feel to all the families that I work with;
those who invite me to tag along and capture all the some kind of wonderfuls with them.
Getting to know them and watching them grow,
has been fulfilling in ways I could never have expected.

As always, thank you so much.


These three were quite possibly the most enthusiastic funny little group I’ve ever taken photos of.

I spoke; they laughed. Wait, what?!
We all laughed … it was a great way to keep toasty warm.
There may’ve been some jumping, wrestling and caroling going on as well,
but I’ll let you guess which is true.

“Laughter is a smile that had burst.”


I love the kind of people that get excited over the little things…
like leaves falling from a tree, and making each other laugh.

This is my first time working with this family
and I love how they know that the little things
aren’t really all that little.