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Curiosity is a delicate little plant that, aside from stimulation,
stands mainly in need of freedom. Albert Einstein

This little one happily explored, hugging leaves; smiling for mom, dad and grandma.
They joined in for a few shots, but mainly let her take lead and center stage.
And that, she did very well.


(the world needs you most, now)

This little guy and his big sister were an absolute blast to work with.
No exaggerating.
The charisma, their expressive eyes and personalities.
It’s always such an honour capturing a moments with so many incredible families,
and these two (and their lovely parents) are no exception.

The great paradox of parenting is that it moves in both slow motion and fast speed.

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed
between people who call themselves family.

Nana’s cookies, cousins visiting from afar, fresh air and sunshine …
trying to capture the adoration that this family has for each other.



I’ve spent much time lately thinking about what makes me smile.
Top of the list is, of course, family and friends.
A close second being outdoors… running, cycling or just feeling sun on my face.
But always in the back of my mind is an anticipation spend more time in the garden.
I love caring for flower beds, but my veggie patch is what really sets my heart off singing.

I grow vegetables for many reasons:
for novelty, for nostalgia, to show the kids that growing food is somewhat simple,
to wind-down and relieve stress, to please my soul, to challenge the earth.
And most importantly, because nothing tastes better than vegetables straight out of the garden!


I’m always humbled by the families that trust me to take their photographs.
This delightful family was a joy to work with.