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My #disneyside

It’s hard to describe exactly what draws me to Disney World.
Every year I think of all the other places on the planet I’d love to visit; but then there’s Disney.
Friends, who have not been, have pointed out the detractors of Disney: it’s fake, busy and expensive (to name a few).

But my experiences have been that it literally is the happiest place on earth.
If you slow down and take details in, it’s easy to see that everything at Disney is there for a reason.
It’s true, I’m not huge into the cartoon characters; but I am huge into the details that make this place so magical.

And the food, I go for the food. Seriously.

No, not typical park food. I avoid that. If you know where to look, Disney offers exceptional healthy options that I feel great about choosing. We generally skip the character buffets and head to Epcot so we can eat in a different country each night. My other favourite is Animal Kingdom. Choosing from India, Asia or Africa, there’s always something new I can’t wait to try.

Family time at Disney is priceless to me. They have thought of absolutely everything to make traveling as a family incredibly easy.
And it’s a big plus that the parks feel incredibly  safe, everything is clean, there’s not a thing to worry about.

Largely immersive, every little bit of a Disney experience tells a story.
A  grand mix of pixie dust, wild simulator rides and cultural experiences — what’s not to love?
Can’t wait to go back…